Ephemerality (from Greek – ephemeros) is the concept of things being transitory, existing only briefly.

Rising like a dusty mirage out of the Karoo heat, there’s a city we call home. It's a manifestation of our collective imagination, and the culmination of our collective efforts. It comes and goes, and ebbs and flows. It’s transient, temporary and transitory. It’s neither here, nor there. It is real in its unrealness.

“Out of nothing, we created everything.” – Larry Harvey

Once a year, a city rises from the Tankwa dust: Tankwa Town. It's an ephemeral city that we build together - so it's fitting that this year's theme is 'Ephemeropolis'.

Read more about our 2019 theme here:

What's in store? Only you know the answer to that question - because unlike other events, you build Tankwa Town. Out there, there's no 'someone else' - there's just us, doing it together. And only together can we perform the magic of building a temporary city, filling it, and then making it vanish, leaving no trace.

Planning to bring a project?

Great - head over to Tribe, our collaboration platform, to set up a Collective and register your project so our team can assist you with advice, placement and funding:


Go for it - Creative and Mutant Vehicle Grants are open right now. To apply for Grants, first create a Collective on Tribe, then register a project - and then you can apply for project funding

Don't have a project planned?

There are many other ways to participate in building our city of dust - check out our Participation page to find something that suits your schedule and skills:

To get prepared, there's some highly recommended reading. First up, read the 11 principles that underpin everything about the experience you're now headed towards. They're available in 15 languages, including isiXhosa and isiZulu:

Once you've dug into the ideas that act as guidelines for the experience we create together, then there's our utterly, critically and completely essential reading - the Survival Guide - which you'll find along with other important links on our Preparation page:


Our official General sale kicks off at 12 midday, SA time, on Wednesday 26th September - and will remain open until all tickets have been sold. For all info on tickets, including Kids, Maydays, Subsidised and Vehicle Passes - and also resales through STEP and Tickepony - head to our Tickets page:


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Onward to the dust!

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