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Tiger Tiger Cape Town - CT O-Week Events // Tiger Tiger

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Cape Town O-week is a 'Student Utopia'! It is the ultimate student experience and the finest way to start the academic year for any student in any year of their studies.

The beautiful city of Cape Town plays host to over 10 000 new students annually and over 35 000 students returning for another year of studies. The devine summer weather lays a prized platform for O-week festivities that enable students to socialize with fellow students from hometowns and network with new students from various institutions.

We at Tiger Tiger are excited to host each and everyone of you, we are going big this year!


Thursday 4th Feb:
Freshman's Frat Party

Fri 5th Feb:
Society Friday's Launch Party

Sat 6th Feb:

Thurs 11th Feb:
#TigerThursdays ft CHRIS TAYLOR & JAK SKANDI

Fri 12th Feb:
Official Varsity College O-week Party feat CHUNDA MUNKI

Sat 13th Feb:
California Dreaming feat KYLE CASSIM

♬♬ Featured artists:

♬ Chunda Munki
♬ Yeti
♬ Dean Fuel
♬ Kyle Cassim
♬ Chris Taylor
♬ Jak Skandi
♬ Syzo
♬ Hendrik Joerges
♬ Jayy Jabs
♬ Mogey
♬ Rogue
♬ Fiero
♬ Funky Bunch
♬ Small Paul
& Residents

Welcome to the most sought after introduction to student living in Cape Town. The social gathering of O-week is where Freedom meets Destiny! #CTOweek

Please note new dress code & pricing:
R40 with collars
R50 with trendy t-shirts & sneakers