17.08.2016, 21:00

Spectrum - Spectrum Presents : Lucky / Priest ct / Rapid State / Sci Lab

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Join us for our weekly journey through the spectrum of psychedelic trance in South Africa.

♥ ♩♪♬ LINE UP ♬♪♩♥

•☆○ 》21:00 - 22:30 LUCKY

•☆○ 》22:30 - 00:00 PRIEST CT

•○○● 》00:00 - 01:00 RAPID STATE

●♤♧•》01:00 -03:00 SCI LAB


The young producer spent his first few years of ‘trancing’ simply enjoying the music, embracing the lifestyle and studying the true essence of this phenomenal way of life. One could say that he had seen the proverbial light.

In my studies; I learnt that trance music was born in a time when the world was in dire straits, global conflicts were the order of the day and the masses were being force fed propaganda, coxed into conforming to the societal norms outlined by the powers that be.

Early March of 2015 saw the ordination of the psytrance artist we now know as Priest; and even though the title has been my nickname for all of his adult life, this was the birth of someone completely new. The moniker itself is by no means religiously binding but at the same time is not merely a baseless gimmick that sounds cool. No; what you get when you encounter Priest is a young man, pure of heart, teaching without even preaching a word but using his own life as an example to spread his message: live as cleanly a life as you possibly can.

My music has been described by some listeners as ‘authentic, playful and clever’ and ‘innovative, groovy and psychedelic all in one,’ while others go on to say that: “Priest’s music is the culmination of dedication, passion and love.” What is most significant about the listener ship that Priest has built so far, is that it is made up of people who really love trance music as well as people who don’t really listen to trance, but simply enjoy good music.


A production & DJ act by Sky Storm-Dibley.
Creating & blending my own sound thru a controlled level of fluent frequencies & patterned vibrations^-^



Sci Lab-Craig Marsh,was born in the golden mountain ranges of Clarence a small but inspiring town.Craig entered the trance scene when he turn eighteen,enjoying a memorable party which change the course of his life.Studying sound engineering at Cape Audio Collage in 2007 gave him the basic knowledge of programing and information on sound which was all he needed to get hooked.Craig has been producing fora few years now so listen out for any new tracks.Craig is one of the co Owner of Mungus Fungus.
Scilab is an open source, cross-platform numerical computational package and a high-level, numerically oriented programming language. It can be used for signal processing, statistical analysis, image enhancement, fluid dynamics simulations, numerical optimization, and modeling and simulation of explicit and implicit dynamical systems



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