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Spectrum - SPECTRUM PRESENTS : Matron / Sway / Hoax / Rapid State!!!AT NEW VENUE!!!BAZINGA BAR

Flyer für: Spectrum - SPECTRUM PRESENTS : Matron / Sway / Hoax / Rapid State!!!AT NEW VENUE!!!BAZINGA BAR
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Join us for our weekly journey through the spectrum of psychedelic trance in South Africa.

♥ ♩♪♬ LINE UP ♬♪♩♥

•☆○ 》21:00 - 23:00 MATRON

•☆○ 》23:00 - 00:30 SWAY

•○○● 》00:30 - 02:00 HOAX

●♤♧• 》02:00 - 03:00 RAPID STATE


sway :: [swey]
★ the ability to exercise influence over ★ to affect emotionally ★ to swing rhythmically back and forth

The connection that Sway has with Psytrance has spanned most of her adult life. As a young aspiring photographer, the outdoor party scene in Cape Town inspired her with the vibrant colors, insane art installations, interesting people in beautiful clothing and the intense, gripping music.

She took to the decks for the first time with three disks: Refractions , a VA by Timecode called Firewall and the now infamous “I’m the Supervisor” album – an unlikely combination to say the least, but one that most likely what gave rise to her eclectic style.
It took just three months for her to master the art of mixing music and now, almost nine years later, she has become an integral part of Psytrance Culture in Cape Town.


Hoax is Dwayne Lucas from South Africa, Cape Town. He first discovered Psytrance through his friends in the year 2006.

After attending several festivals for a few seasons he got the feel of the Psytrance scene.

It was then when he decided to create his own Psytrance project as a DJ.

He started producing Psytrance in 2011 after studying at Front Left School of Psytrance Music

Production with one of the best Psytrance Producers from South Africa known as Frozen Ghost.

Since then he has been working on his style and sound.


A production & DJ act by Sky Storm-Dibley.
Creating & blending my own sound thru a controlled level of fluent frequencies & patterned vibrations^-^


Psychedelic Progressive act of Matthew Prohn



☆ NO U18 / NO ID, NO ENTRY! ★