22.04.2017, 22:00

Club 89 on Long - Ode ft. Wide Awake & David Mears

Flyer für: Club 89 on Long - Ode ft. Wide Awake & David Mears
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Ode, in collaboration with PLANET PANGEA, presents WIDE AWAKE and David Mears

She put out her cigarette, opened the window, and thought to herself “what is love?” It had been months since she had felt this alive. The dark thump of techno was a distant memory. Like a hint of salt in dark chocolate, it had left her salivating for more, but not for the same. Something new. Or was it old? Maybe she was old, and thinking this she stroked her forehead and felt the shallow grooves above her raised brow.

Was it from the streets that she heard a cry? Or was it a wail? From a solo voice that was drawn out for so long that it became a song. This sound resonated with her so intensely that gravity was pulled towards her, and she felt heavy. Bracing herself on the windowsill, she began to stamp her feet.

And with this there was a beat.

It was slow and foreign and unlike anything she had ever heard.

It sent her into a seductive hypnosis that echoed in her over and over, wringing her out, until she had no more energy to do anything else but dance.

And so she did, and this was love.

They had come all this way, and they had found her.