13.01.2017, 21:00

Club 89 on Long - The DCR presents: Owwww Cuz!

Flyer für: Club 89 on Long - The DCR presents: Owwww Cuz!
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Description of Your Vibe:

Your Aunties and Uncles put in years of work to make your Cousins. This time around we throw some humour onto the scene and create the vibe all the GP number plates in Cape Town have been searching for. The DCR have teamed up with every combover, rayban and beard to bring you the phenomenen that is Owwww Cuz!

"The only thing scaring you this Friday the 13th is waking up on the sidewalk chowing down on a Johnny's Roti, eating one half and using the other as a pillow." - Ronald Rowley

The Pozzie: Club 89 on Long

Optional Dress Code: Top Hats, Shades, Combovers, Beards and an optional Cozzie for those feeling the Heat!

★Dirt Cheap
★Drink Specials
★Bottle Service
★Stinky Line Up
★Groovy Turbosound Rig
★A Vibe

ツThe Cuzziesツ

♫Mogey vs Khord
♫audiojerk (Red Bull Records)
♫Ronald Rowley (Strange Loving) (The Original Cuzz)
♫IKon vs Cryptic

�The Damage�

R80 at the door all naaaaaat!

�The Finer Print of Life�

The organizers do not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to any property brought onto the premises nor for any loss of life or damage to persons. No weapons or illegal substances allowed. Strictly NO under 18's.