12.08.2016, 21:00

Club 89 on Long - RADAR | Vinyl Edition 12 Aug

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This special edition of RADAR is going to be one for the books.
We're bringing out the Technics and wax to showcase the best in underground house and techno with the most talented curators Durban and Cape Town have to offer.

Running Order>>
Robin Would
Şahin Meyer
Kyle Russøuw

No Under 18s Allowed

Entrance>> R50

Drinks Specials till 11pm (ask at the bar)

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We've got you covered from every possible angle: Sound, Lighting, Music, Venue, Crowd.

Sound>> Complete Mackie rig customly tuned for the brilliant acoustics of Club 89. It's not to often you get a club that is wooden from floor to wall to ceiling. That level of absorption makes Club 89 the perfect listening space.

Lighting>> Edison lightbulb chandelier and LED Bulkheads all midi-mapped to the beat turns this room ALIVE. The music and the dancefloor are all in sync.

Music>> Only the best underground techno that will build and grow with the night. From slow grinding electronica to the crazy percussion of hard techno, we'll have it all.

Venue>> This is seriously one of the best club spaces in Cape Town. It's a rare priviledge to have a wooden dancefloor and a MASSIVE open balcony sitting right next to it.

Crowd>> Club 89 has brought the raddest bunch of dancers to the floor. Considerate, happy and full of the craziest dance moves.


Robin Would

A veteran techno and vinyl lover. This DJ has molded himself as the go-to guy for classy warm-up sets for big international DJs gracing our shores. His ability to close is also not to be scoffed at, as he's made some memorable marks on ERA's dancefloor (where he holds a residency) as well as Private Life with his back to back buddy, Kyle Rossouw.

Sahin Meyer (Linda)

Their Soundcloud write up says "Just your average husband and wife duo from South Africa". But these two are anything but average. They have an extensive vinyl collection and an ability to tell a story with their music like no other. Linda has travelled all the way down from Durban to hold down the peak time slot, don't miss this one.

Kyle Russøuw

Recently named as one of the Techno Leaders of South Africa, Kyle is definitely turning heads for all the right reasons. His rare vinyl collection and ability to craft an unbelievable groove as garnered him monthly residencies at ERA and Toy Toy (Joburg). Come watch him close the night in style.