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Cape Town, Western Cape - 420 Good Vibes South Africa presents Hania

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"Hania" - " Spirit Warrior" - Native America Indian

It is to dance for who we are and for everything that we have come to stand for and believe in. It's to dance as the changed beings that we have become and know that we are able to change the world as who we are.
While the sheep will be lead and the wolves will follow, we are the lions that live as our own.
It's to come together on this day and to dance with the rest of our pride. We will find ourselves "dancing with Lions"

The Place:
In the Original concept of how "Trance Gathering's" venues used to be advertised...420 Good Vibes South Africa, is remaing with that concept. Thus creating that "Underground" Vibe.
A secret location to be revealed closer to the time...

The Sound:

Ward 10




Plastic Vision


Sub Trix

Mind Breaker




Main Performance Acts are:



Final Flash - New LIVE Psychedelic Duo


The Line-Up:

Day Journey:

11am til 12:30pm - Ward 10
12:30pm til 1:30pm - Knox
1:30pm til 2:30pm - Phixius
2:30pm til 3:30pm - Azura
3:30pm til 4:30pm - Zinzan
4:30pm til 5:30pm - Plastic Vision
5:30pm til 6:30pm - Mind Breaker

Evening Journey:

6:30pm til 7:30pm - Sub Trix
7:30pm til 8:30pm - Psyden
8:30pm til 9:30pm - Uncivilized
9:30pm til 10:30pm - Psyqlopz
10:30pm til 12am - Myzo
12am til 1:30am - Xatrik
1:30pm til 3am - Hysteria
3am til 4am - Final Flash

2 Journeys into 1 Magical Psychedelic Adventure

Others Involved in this Event:

Aggressive Audio

Andrew Woods aka Psystorm (Events Graphic Designer)

Altered Photography:

Afrodizzy Acts:

Psyked in the City

Decorative Art-work Creations by:

420 Good Vibes South Africa

Deadlock Productions

Jan Pienaar aka Trap'D

Psychedelia SA

...with More to Come...

Giving back in Return:
"A Chocolate for a Smile Charity"
Chocolate = Love
Chocolate is a complex material possessing numerous of compounds that act upon the brain, producing a sense of delight that no other substance dcan replicate.
Chocolate enhances the mind,mood and the experience of Love.
The aim is to do a mass chocolate hand-out to different individuals on the streets. Making individuals feel good with themselves, even if it's for a brief moment of time.
Please Note: 10% of the tickets selling price will be going towards this charity in order for large amounts of to be purchased and ditributed for FREE to hundreds of individuals.
Want to Help?
Bring chocolate! Not slabs though, please. Your normal average Snicker bar, Bar-one and so forth...

The Tickets:
Tickets are LIMITED to 200 - 250 guests ONLY!

Pre-Sale @ R210 - 00
Door @ R240 - 00

Tickets may be purchased via your Cell-phone, if your are a VODACOM network user. Using their VODACOM M-pesa system which can be found if you dial *111#, follow the menu to register & youre on your way.
The Number to send the funds to is:
420 Good Vibes South Africa
Office Cell: 0712256420
Once funds have been received by us through VODACOM's confirmation. A SMS / MMS will be sent to your phone which will include the ticket details as well as the venue details.
If you would like to contact 420 Good Vibes South Africa for telephonic confirmation and for the details of the ticket, you may do so by dialing the same number.
The proceedure is same to all party's involved!

Tickets may be purchased Via EFT Transaction or by Bank Deposits.
Please contact for the banking details of where the funds can be sent to:
420 Good Vibes South Africa
Office Cell: 0712256420
a email / SMS / MMS will be sent to you confirming your ticket purchase and will also inform you on the ticket details as well as the venue details.

PLEASE NOTE: The tickets will only contain the tickets specific details,which will allow you to enter the venue. As well as the Venue details.
There are NO other ticket out-lets, again flowing with that "Underground" vibe on this concept as well.

Want to get involved in the Event / Gathering:

Please contact us via Facebook, email of telephonically (please no sms's).
420 Good Vibes South Africa
Office Cell: 0712256420

Opportunites that are stiil available include LED Light Dancers and Decorative Artists, filmers and photographers but if there is anything else that you think that would fit in. Please don't be shy and get hold of us.

What to Bring:
Happiness, Kindness, Peace, Love, Respect, Acceptance and you’re Dancing Wild Free Hearts.

Right of Admission Reserved:
The organizers as well as the promoters will not be held responsible for any injuries or deaths that may occur. This is also em-placed that we will not be held responsible for any loss or damages to ones goods. We hold the right to remove anyone causing a negative disturbance at this event and that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated at all. Proper measures have been taken to make this enjoyable for everyone attending. However, please take the proper precautions yourself as well so that your experience is not destroyed by someone else's negativity.

No Under 20years of age!

For More INFO:
420 Good Vibes South Africa
Office Cell: 0712256420