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Bazinga Bar - REBOOT PRESENTS : PSYNOPTICZ RECORDS - Phixius / Humerous / Zezia / Lex / SwiTcHcaChe

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Join us For our sixth installment of our Label nights with PsynOpticz Records!!!

♥ ♩♪♬ LINE UP ♬♪♩♥

•☆○ 》21:00 - 23:00 Phixius - PSYNOPTICZ

•☆○ 》23:00 - 00:00 Humerous - PSYNOPTICZ

•○○● 》00:00 - 01:00 Zezia - PSYNOPTICZ

●♤♧•》01:00 - 02:00 Lex - PSYNOPTICZ

☆●●☆》02:00 - 03:00 SwiTcHcaChe - PSYNOPTICZ


I was introduced to Psy-Trance in high school was very fond of the music but was only till my first Out Door party in 2009 and it was a New Years Rezonance thats were i fell in love with the music. Took about another 2 years of going to Out Door parties till i started Djing. After winning the Equinox New Guy competition in 2013 it put me on the map. Played at various Outdoor events such as Groovy Troopers, Remanufacture, Ground Zero, Rezonance NYE Festival. Equinox and The Village. And various indoor events. Currently playing under Equinox Experience, Full Moon SA and PsynOpticz Productions

Interview with Psy-Media


David Miller, alternatively known as Humerous is a well-renowned producer and DJ in the South African trance scene. With an eclectic background and a grass-roots upbringing, Humerous spent his childhood surfing the beaches of the Atlantic Seaboard. He paid his way through Cape Audio College and successfully completed his Sound Diploma in 2009 with distinction.
Humerous possess the rare trait and natural ability of having a phenomenal ear in the detail of his unique compositions. After the completion of his Sound Diploma, Humerous pursued his life-long dream of producing and DJ-ing at major events across Cape Town and beyond. Orchestrating and manipulating the masses on the dance floor that flocked Cape Town’s dance scene, Humerous quickly established himself as a major force to be reckoned with.
His eccentric nature and outgoing vibe is evident in his favoured genre of fusion Tech, Prog and Psy. Humerous has accumulated a wide range of sounds manufactured with Mega Groove, Pads, Rhythm and melodic leads. Somehow Humerous has developed a sound that elevates the listener to a revolutionary and truly innovative place. It’s worth mentioning that this passionate DJ & producer established himself and his reputation through the utmost dedication of his particular skill set.
Humerous has gained the respect of local and international DJ’s who convey their admiration at this young maestro’s sound ethic. The list of legends Humerous has played alongside includes; Ace Ventura, Protonica, Sideform, Major 7, Avalon, Dick Trevor, Headroom, Regan, Chromotone, Earthling, Symbolic, Waio, Commercial Hippies and many more.
If Nostradamus was still alive and kicking, Humerous’ ability and future in the music industry would sure to be contained in one of his predications.


In 2004 Zezia started attending Local Outdoor Psy Trance Events. It was at these gatherings he was first introduced to both international and local live acts. After being mesmerized time & time again by the talent of these artists Zezia decided that on-stage is where he wanted to be.

Zezia is signed to one of the most recognized Psy Trance Labels in SA, PsynOpticz Productions. He has released two EP's, with {psy.ology} records SA, owned by PsynOpticz, and Mainstage Records ISR. As well as numerous original tracks, collaborations and remixes on Phantasm records UK, Iono Music GER, Yellow Sunshine Explosion UK, Ben-Boundless ISR and Nexus Media SA. Zezia can be heard bashing out groovy baselines, melodic leads and psychedelic beats on a regular basis.

Since his explosion onto the psy scene Zezia has played numerous indoor and outdoor psychedelic trance events, such as Jungala Festival, {psy.ology} festival, Earthdance Cape Town, Alien Safari, Vortex SA, Remanufacture, The Village, Equinox Experience, lock down, MMD, Zone Festival, Boomerang,Twilight Festival, Tswaing Crater Gathering and Fu-Cha Gathering. He has preformed alongside the likes of Avalon, Menog, Astral Projection, Rinkadink, Ritmo, Iliuchina, Regan, Braniac, Poizon, Sub-Zero, Slug, Deliriant, Rubix Qube, Orca, Blazed, Toxic, Skazi, Headroom, Earthling, Broken Toy, Space Tribe and Atomic Pulse just to name a few.

Whether performing live or djing his own production, one thing is certain he is always ready to blow your mind with the upside down, twisted and bouncing beats of psychedelic trance.


Middle Groove PsyTrance by Le Roux Steyn


Label owner of PsynOpticz Records & {psy.ology} records as well as creator of Jungala Festival.

For more info go to www.facebook.com/switchcache.psynopticz


☆ R60 ☆


☆ NO U18 / NO ID, NO ENTRY! ★