About us

Our story – our history

We are huge friends of electronic music events who think that days are starting too early and that the best nights are always too short. We are also bleak whenever we have missed a good party because we didn’t  know about it. Thats why we created till-dawn.co.za.

It all started in Hamburg, with ohschonhell.de. A service focused on the electronic music scene for the electronic, minimalistic, technoid and dub stepped music heads in the beautiful city in North of Germany. After launching it successfully there, the equivalent for Vienna, Austria was created, ohschonhell.at, which plays a significant role in the electronic scene in Vienna now.

Our opinion – our idea

We would like to support the South African nightlife scene and contribute with a service which gives you a quick and easy overview of all the good events happening where ever you are in South Africa. 

There are a few pages which give you an overview of events, but not from all established clubs, promoters and event organisers. And some only provide subjectively selected events. All good and well executed in some cases, but you are not finding one good overview about the whole variety of events.

And there are often small amazing events, organised by promoter who cannot afford the same communication budget as the big player. And often these are the parties where you party till dawn… But if you don’t get an invite to the event, hear about it from a friend, who knows a friend, many good events are staying undiscovered.

We believe that we can do better! Especially in a country who does not need to hide their brilliant and vibrant nightlife!

We are not servicing millions of people, but we would like to see people using our service who have a good taste in music and who are looking to party till dawn. I hope we can make those people happy and the event promoter as well.

Your opinion – your help

If you are a promoter and you don’t want your event to be listed on our channel –  one email and we take your event down. We are always open for ideas, constructive feedback and your opinion on how to enhance this service.

till-dawn.co.za is still doing baby steps. We think, we built and create everything next to our jobs, whenever we have time. Have patience, talk to us and be part of it to make sure we can come closer to our goal soon.