The Waiting Room

We been wanting to get TehSynes at SWIM for some time.
A Dj and musician who has such a true passion and knowledge for music. An icon in the Drum n Bass scene and just so happens is now the worthy recipient of Fletchers record collection.
Well, lets get those crates out and send you swimmers stroking for your lives.
Best to do in the winter to steam it all up.

The Other Djs working round some Footwork, Garage & some Dub to start.

Ravers only

We'll be at Smalltown Beat presents: Rivers End in October so lets give The Waiting Room 2 months worth of sweat.

Listen up Ravers Only :)


The Waiting Room
273 Long St, Cape Town
R50 Entrance


Previous SWIM guests include...

Teki Latex, Jenny Fitzpatrick, DJ Call Me, Angel-Ho, K-$, Rival Consoles, Xee & Codekid, Christian Tiger School, Jumping Back Slash, Terrence Pearce, Gary Morris, Blaqkongo, Pierre Estienne, Leeu, Kevin Murning, Mey, John Wizards, Card on Spokes, Maxime Alexander, Plagiarhythm, Spekta, Hessien+, Jakobsnake, Aero Manyelo, M0n0_S0n0, Shaheen CDG, Tonijah, Jon Laura, DJ Fosta, Jakinda, Audioboyz, JNN KPN, Okayshades, Micr.Pluto, Moses Boyd, Klein, KO_OL, Zeneka, Fever Trails and more.

SWIM is a per-month party dating back to '012, home of threaded dancefloor audio styles for attendees to thrive in; we follow a loose but strong ethos of "We're All Connected".

The main objectives for you are to A) Find or lose yourself in amazing dance music and B) Have a great time with your friends, both new and known.

Those who exhibit racist, sexist, homophobic, trans-phobic, ableist, ageist, and/or physically/sexually/verbally aggressive behaviour will be bounced for the night and potentially barred from future events. If you experience any of the above please contact a member of The Waiting Room or The Other___. Seriously, come talk to us.

Thank you for supporting us. If you enjoy our events, please invite your friends to the future, and spread the word. Come SWIM with us!

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