Design Indaba Festival

Design Indaba Festival 2018 presents a celebration of sound and sight in a festival of music, performance and exhibitions on the Artscape Piazza between 22 and 23 February 2018.

Nightscape at Design Indaba will be an expedition for the senses, encompassing live music acts carefully curated from across Africa and beyond; culinary experiences; Emerging Creatives and Most Beautiful Object in South Africa exhibitions, and the annual FilmFest, which will screen a selection of African premieres.

Itai Hakim, KAJAMAmusic, Darkie Fiction, Zaki Ibrahim, Guy Buttery, Urban Village Music, Lady Venom, Shabaka Hutchings, Petite Noir, Steloolive, DUCE DUCE, Beat Sampras, Jakinda, Thor Rixon, Alec Lomami, Steloolive.

More artists to be announced ;)